In 1965 I came to Israel to live.
That means I have lived here  50 years which is more than half my lifetime.

       My youngest granddaughter wants to know when we shall have our next family celebration.
She liked the time we had in Eilat the best. There she slept in a family suite which had a door leading onto the lawn next to the pool and every day we had supper in a different restaurant and we saw everything that was to be seen in Eilat.
At Bereshit we had a more sedate time with our own swimming pool and plenty of small bottles to fill with coloured sand fron the canyon. Not so sedate were the wild journeys in a shuttle-car to and from our rooms to the main entrance.
We were: in England for Kim’s Batmitzvah;
in Krakow for the 60th. year of Gabby and Adam arriving in Israel after an epic journey;
we had the best breakfasts ever in Amirim;
this year ‘Cats’ at Hechal HaTarbut saw us all sitting together.

Memories are made from our celebrations.

Because of her delightful discussion about our outings I have begun to think of which other milestones in our ongoing family saga we can celebrate and how to do it. It is some time till I shall be an octogenarian, I do like that word, so that is too far off for this purpose.
2015 is the year for us to celebrate my 50th. year in Israel.

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