Pez Display

One of our displays, small, in keeping with our character of being a Heritage Centre of Play

Pez Display ECGI

Most of our Pez containers are vintage and are considered to be collectibles. The heads that are on the bottom of the display were decapitated some forty years ago and were used as finger puppets. According to the prices in an ‘’antique’’ shop on Sheinkin Street each of our figures are worth from 60 to 90 shekels. The market stall holder in Jaffa’s flea market just sniffed at me and wouldn’t answer when I asked for prices. She knew I was not a buyer.

This larger display is in the Museum of the Patent Office in Georgetown, Washington . I was there when it was quite new and bought lots of stuff in its shop before eating a delicious dinner at the Inaugural Banquet in its vast atrium.

Here I am at work after searching for Jefferson’s shoe boxes.

                                       He had big feet.

At the United States Patent Office, paper copies of patent documents are stored in special drawers called “shoes.” According to some, the term “shoes” arose from Thomas Jefferson’s practice of storing early patent documents in his shoe boxes.



at work in patent office

The tea party guests are wondering what to do next after Pesach and Easter. This year they are Homebound. How shall they play? 

We are Housebound

Which of us has not spent time in clearing some of our possessions?

In my case I have mused over boxes of my accumulation of toys.

Such memories.

I shall look for stuff that I prepared for this Website. That was before personal family happenings stopped my possibility to write. Now we are adapting (those of us who are able) to the caprices and vagaries of Carona Virus itself and the fumbling of politicians.

I shall begin.