Our Galleries

Our Galleries

We have an Accumulation of Board Games.

How to use them to create a Centre for Games and Learning for today’s Game Creators?

It is said that Good Cataloguing increases the worth of a collection.

To keep the value of this collection our Cataloguing should be Relevant to the design and analysis of these non-digital games and to the evolution of game rules.


I first met Piet Notebaert, of the Catholic University of Bruges, when he came to Jerusalem for the Board Game Studies Colloquium. I visited him in Bruges when he ran the 14th.BGS Colloquium in 2011. He kindly gave time to initiate me into his cataloguing system. The collection in Bruges is of more than 30,000 games, of which a large amount was donated by Fred Horn.

Who knows how many theses have been written and how many doctorates gained in searching for adequacy in classifying toys and games. This will take you to Piet’s article about classifying board games. It is the best.            http://spelarch.khbo.be/PDF/Classificatie_bordspellen.pdf

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